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August Blog

Well I am just back from Cork and had a fantastic time.


This trip I stayed in Monkstown, a little village I was not familiar with at all.

Rainbow over Monkstown                           

Great choice – the staff at the Bosun were amazing, they could not do enough for us and were super friendly. The food was awesome and the hotel was spotless (thank you Lilian). No doubt a pattern will be coming soon named after this little gem in Cork.

Dinner and no I didn’t finish!!  The Irish coffee was Theresa’s!!


As always, I had time to think about new designs and got lots of inspiration from the water and views as I always do. We also went for dinner to Eileen’s, one of our customers, and Kitty (her sister and also a knitter) joined us. Her table layout was amazing – so much so I got ideas from her placemats – that’s how my thinking goes!!

Eileen’s beautiful placemats and a refreshing, clean dinner!

Speaking to Eileen, I realised there is a need for bigger sizes. She loves my designs and as her grandchildren are getting older they are outgrowing available sizes. She was saying she would need to look around for another designer to suit. Hang on!!! I love my customers and don’t want them going anywhere!! So more bigger sizes are in the pipeline – I don’t want you going anywhere as we are all a wee family on DBD!!
The team are busy with testing designs suitable for Christmas so you will be seeing lots of red and white (Cork colours incidentally) and many berry shades. Yep, it is that time again and we need to be prepared.

 “Mark” latest Aran design just off needles.

Finally, I am delighted to announce that Jayne has officially joined the DBD staff and will be looking after orders and taking amazing pictures of knits – so excited with all her ideas. She is so talented and absolutely hilarious so I am just ecstatic she is on board.

   Oor Jayne!!

“Liam” one of Jayne’s favourites and her own knit!

I hope you like my very first “blog”!! I wasn’t sure what was required so winged it!!  Now I am told I will eventually be doing a Vlog – I had to google it – oh no, the diet begins!!
Donna xx

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